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Frequently Asked Questions 

How and when are the Group Coaching Sessions?

Jason Brown holds a live two hour webinar once a week.  Primarily on Monday’s from 8pm – 10pm est.  Members can see the schedule and register for all upcoming webinars and training inside the University under the calendar tab.

What if I miss a session or can’t make the live webinars?

All sessions are recorded and posted inside the University with 24 hours. Watching the replay will allow for those who cannot attend live to get the same experience and insight into the stock market as those who attended live. The webinar replays are not deleted, so members can watch whenever they need to.

What if I have questions?

Members have several ways they can ask questions including: live on the webinar (having a microphone is necessary), members can ask questions and network with other traders inside the Power Trades University Forum, and members can also ask questions inside the private Facebook Group.

What is the Trade Tracker?

The Trade Tracker is a form used to track all practice trades discussed during the coaching sessions.  Hypothetical entries and exits are tracked as well as the option strategy to apply to the stock’s movement. All members have access to this and can refer back to it throughout the week when making their trades.

Does Jason Brown give specific buy and sell stock trading advice?

Jason Brown does not give specific buy and sell trading advice. In fact, Jason Brown does not give any advice as trading involves real risk and if you seek specific advice you should consult a licensed investment professional. In these webinars, Jason Brown puts into application the strategies taught in his courses and identifies practice trade opportunities and case studies of buy and sell scenarios relevant to the current market conditions.

What are the benefits of the Group Coaching program?

Members benefit by having the opportunity to look over the shoulder of Stock Market Coach Jason Brown as he uses advanced software to find trading opportunities in the stock market and apply option strategies to trades found in the current market conditions.  As you learn the risk reward trading process of identifying support, resistance and applying option strategies, learning to control emotions and cutting losing trades you will be able to develop your own trading style which can aide you in your own decision making in trading.

What is the wait list and why does it exist?

If the purchasing button is not available but instead there is an option to join the wait list, this is because we have limited spots available and only open the doors to new members at selected times.

Once you in put your name and email, you will receive an email with further instructions. As soon as the doors open to new members again, you will be notified via email.

Can I cancel Group Coaching at any time and how do I cancel?

Yes you can cancel your membership at anytime. No refunds will be given for time lapsed once your membership renews, rather you will have access to the Power Trades University until your next renewal period. Once cancellation is complete you will lose all access to live webinars, recordings, community forums, trade tracker and all University privileges.

To cancel, you would just email info@thebrownreport.com and note that you would like to cancel at least two days before your automatic payment renewal date.


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