Power Trades University


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Let's Work Together

Power Trades University also known as "The U" was founded by stock market coach and trader Jason Brown.

The university was born out of necessity of students who wanted more coaching, more in depth learning of how stocks and options trading works and a community of other like minded individuals to journey through the process with.

Roadblocks to Success

  • Struggling to Find Trades

    Most new traders struggle to find stocks to consistently trade.  They don’t know where to start their research and how to consistently find new trades.

  • Confused When to Buy and Sell

    Most new traders over analyze trades causing analysis paralysis.  They usually have a hard time determining when to buy and sell because of the fear of losing money.

  • Unsure Which Strategy to Apply

    After finding a stock to trade most traders do not know how to apply the correct strategy in both up and down markets.

Get Started Now

Is This Your  Current Situation...

  • My winning trades turn into losing trades
  • When I have a small loss it turns into a big loss
  • I am unsure how and where to set stop losses
  • I find the good trades too late after the stock has already made the big move
  • I have no trading strategies in bearish markets
  • I have no place to get my trading questions answered
  • None of my friends and family understand the stock market

The Missing Piece to Your Trading

It's time to stop going at it alone...

  • Missing Link #1

    You don’t have a coach.  Someone who has been there and experienced the trading struggles you are going through that can help guide you through the trading process.

  • Missing Link #2

    Surround yourself with like minded people.  You need to be part of a community where you can interact with other traders who have learned and studied the same trading style as you.

  • Missing Link #3

    Lack of trading resources.  It’s a good chance that you do not have software that can scan the market and find trades and even if you did you probably wouldn’t know where to begin.

The Key to Unlocking Trading Magic

The Two C's "Coaching & Community"

  • Access to over 10 years of trading experience.
  • A community of stock and options traders.
  • Weekly 2 hour live group stock market coaching webinars.
  • Access to weekly stock trade tracker.
  • Access to weekly option strategy tracker.
  • The ability to follow your favorite traders and get notifications.
  • Access to over 56 hours of recorded group coaching and trainings.
  • Weekly analysis of all the major Indices (S&P 500, Dow, NASDQ).